Wednesday, August 06, 2003

i'd never had granola for breakfast before. that shit is strong! first i couldn't even finish the 1/2 cup. then it knocked me out: having contact-ed and everything, i fell back into bed and slept until 1. there should be a warning on the bag, or something.

what prolly assisted the granola was that i spent yet another night meaning to go to sleep straightaway and instead staying up all-hours talking to el(she who once was lazyqueer)iz. with no apparent desire to accomodate our need to Would You Rather... each other til the early a.m., her alarm went off both this morning and last. ugh.

of course i should be doing stuff to prepare for my departure on friday. so far i haven't been able to motivate myself. but instead of focusing on the negative, i should be proud of what i have done:
  • watched the first part of kissing jessica stein and the last of american pie 2
  • went up to the counter of the cafe where i ate lunch yesterday to ask for a doggybag and had the guy at the register ask, "what, do you want my number?"
  • crossed the brooklyn bridge on foot
  • nailed down 2 recommendations for the grad skool process
  • learned from my parents i racked up a whopping $450 cell phone bill because (heh heh!) no one told me the plan wasn't an unlimited one (heh heh!)
  • spent only change on lunch today
  • made plans to visit hipster brooklyn so i can cross that off my to-do list too
  • bought a train ticket home. bye bye ny ...
that's relatively extensive, don't you think?

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