Thursday, October 09, 2003

reasons to clap, in case you needed one
  • i got a job! one on campus, not in the real world, but it bodes well. i get to work with books and history and elisabeth oppenh. and i may get to personally transcribe and edit a quaker's diary from 1770 - 1820!
  • week after week my column in der phoenix has been buried somewhere around the bottom of the 4th page of the living section. i kept meaning to query my editor about this but couldn't bring myself to on account of it seeming petty and self-involved. this week, without any particular change on my part, my article ("fans of fine food" ... again, not my title) appears as the lead. ich complain nicht.
  • i may have gotten a job offer for the real world as well. that one's more nebulous and can only be discussed once/if it's nailed down.
  • my lovely friend tamar is here, if not for much longer. she's the last of my good friends to come visit me here In My Element.
  • the weather!
  • the weather!
  • fall break!
  • the weather!

in honor of life seeming benevolent, i will help myself to a chai.

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