Sunday, May 15, 2005

no more food, i promise

My life is no longer about food. Those couple moments were anomalies brought on by passover. At this very moment, in fact, my life seems to be not about food at all. Food - feh! No, my life is about infection. Cuz I seem to have gotten one. Yay! Three cheers for infection! Also: sigh. Why is this necessary?

At this very moment, my senior friends at Swarthmore are braced for the final throes of Honors exams. My parents are toasting my father's birthday on-board their ship in the mediterranean. My brother is at home taking care of our increasingly uncontrollable dog and preparing to leave for China. My home is on the verge of no longer being mine: in fact, my parents have put down money on a new apartment. When they return from their three-week jaunt, both they and I will really have to deal with that, I guess. What a thought.

As that home, my home, drifts away from me, Mr. Ben -- done with his first year of law skool! -- and I are decorating this home at long last. We will hide the shame of our bare walls. I am very excited. And you should come see the results, our 300 sq. feet of glory. Really, do. Brooklyn Heights is lovely in the springtime.

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it is!