Thursday, August 25, 2005

The inappropriate entry

This is going to be short, but it is also going to unsuitable reading material for adults of any relation to me. ADULTS: I'm not kidding. Read on at your peril.

First of all, did you know sells sex toys? Fo shizzle! And get your credit card ready to call now, cuz they're just-fell-off-a-truck cheap. (Not used, though. Just fell-off-a-truck.)

Secondly, remember that story about the man who was fucked to death by a horse in Washington state? (ADULTS! I told you: PERIL.) Apparently its ripple effect has yet to subside. A Republican state senator has introduced legislation making beastiality officially illegal. Although such a law makes sense to me -- especially as a vegetarian -- I gotta wonder whether that horse fucking guy could have been deterred. I mean, someone whose need for horsecock fudgepacking is so strong that he's willing to die for it has gotta be bigger than the laws of man can contain. (ADULTS! What'd I say? Why are you still here? Mom? Mom? Did you think I was joking?)

Last but not least, I've gone from Anna Karenina to mysteries of small houses, towelhead, and now the end of the affair by one of my emerging-favorite authors, graham greene. A good multi-culti mix, although I didn't plan it that way. I've enjoyed/am enjoying all of the above, despite the (in my opinion) cop-out ending of Anna K. -- such a wonderfully nonjudgemental book, and then the moral, appearing in the final 50 pages, is, Got Religion? ugh! -- and the intensity of towelhead. In fact, I found the only way to get through the latter was to flip to the end of various sequences to assure myself they ended okay ("okay" being relative) before I could go back and read each through.

Okay, so that last part wasn't obscene. ... But it could have been. ... Horsecock pudgepacking! (Mom!)


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I'm not a relative, and I think I'm an adult....bur, Oh My!!!!!

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