Monday, January 30, 2006

a political entry (for a change)

- Cloture vote on Alito today, leading in to the almost inevitable full Senate vote on him tomorrow. Our country is going Scalito's way, folks, and I don't see what we can do about it, except moan really loudly about John Kerry's mis-timed and mis-orchestrated yodel for a filibuster from the mountaintops of Switzerland.

Kerry lacks instincts. That's really what it is, and instincts are half the game. Al Gore was the same way. Hilary's not, but she's got the opposite problem: too many instincts, not enough actual values. Oy.

- The Danes, of all people, have seriously pissed off the Muslim world with a controversial cartoon. Really! You know what country has the largest population of Palestinians outside of the Occupied Territories? What country held an anti-Israel demonstration every week or so while I lived there? What country prides itself on tolerance, freedom of expression, and being totally sympathetic to all Arabs everywhere (at least those outside Scandinavia)? Zambia. Wait, no: Denmark!

So I never thought I'd see the day when masked Fatah gunmen burned a Danish flag. See for yourself - isn't it dizzying? I wonder how they're reacting over there.

If the Palestinians are looking for a way to save money now that they've elected a terrorist government that the Western world is squeaming about supporting financially, maybe cutting down on the budget for flags & flag-burning supplies is a way to go. Also bullets. I've heard those are actually pretty expensive, especially when you're shooting into the air to express both joy and rage.

Just a thought.

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drew said...

I have an irrational fear of being hit by one of those bullets on the way down.