Monday, September 25, 2006

... and so on

Does anyone else see these headlines for articles about the Pope meeting Muslims to work out their differences like this one, "Pope says 2 faiths must overcome enmity," and imagine that they continue "... in order to be united against the Jews"? Or is that just me?

Happy Rosh Hashanah! Especially you, George Allen, you racist lying liar. Things are going so badly for Allen that I almost feel bad for him -- the news cycles about him lately have gone revealed that he is a Racist, a Jew, and a Racist again -- but mostly I spend my taking shaking my head over the fact that my ancestors and his may have at one point swapped garlic-scented spit or hid from the Cossacks together. Ugh. Allen is definitely from what I like to call the Abramoff branch of the family: those of which we are ashamed.


Adam said...

Yes, this pope is a weirdo. While I almost always give the benefit of the doubt to former members of the Hitler Youth, I wouldn't necessarily elevate one of them to the Holy See, either. Don't you think?

ester said...

Now, be fair. At least he isn't Gunter Grass.

Adam said...

Rahahahaha. But then, G√ľnter Grass wasn't made pope. Or was he?