Friday, October 20, 2006

friday afternoon politics

A sample from a conversation Bush had with O'Reilly:
"O'REILLY: The secular progressives don't like you because you're a man of faith.

"BUSH: Yes.

"O'REILLY: You know that.

"BUSH: Yes. That causes me to be sad for people who don't like somebody because he happens to believe in the Almighty.

"O'REILLY: But you know that's in play.

"BUSH: Absolutely."

"O'REILLY: They think you are some kind of evangelical. God tells you what to do and you go out and do it. And they hate that."

"BUSH: I guess that I have pity for people who believe that. They don't understand the relationship between man and the Almighty, then."
Just so we all know what country we're living in.

I say, Draft Obama. Who's with me?


Adam said...

Funny that he doesn't say Christ, though. Just 'The Almighty'. Is that better? I don't know. I just hope that 'secular progressives' doesn't actually mean Jews here. I think it might. I think it might mean Jews and homosexuals. Not that most progressives are Jews and gays, but that's kind of the way people see things. Somehow, the tacking-on of the word 'secular' makes me worry, mostly because O'Reilly et al would use it interchangeably with the word 'cosmopolitan', a word the political definition of which is Jew. That's not to say that Bush and O'Reilly are anti-Semites, not really. I think here I prefer the term Anti-Dreyfusard.

s said...

i think time magazine might be with you on the draft obama thought. not that i've read the article...

Rebecca said...

hey, he just said he might run!

nate said...

I was thinking Obama in 12, but now I feel like sooner the better.