Tuesday, August 14, 2007

more wedding pictures on flickr

in line to enter grove
Originally uploaded by shorterstory.
I swear I'll get over this wedding thing soon. In the meantime, more pictures here!

However, I can, simultaneously, think about other things, like why I'll live longer by staying in New York as long as possible and whether Karl Rove's bizarrely sudden, though long-awaited departure has some hidden shotgun behind it, held perhaps by P. Fitzgerald. And: where should Mr. Ben and I go in Japan now that we're not limited by the prospect of crushing early August heat? In early- to mid-September, everything's balmy and welcoming ("yokoso!").

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herding tapeworms said...

no need to get over the wedding thing too quickly. i think we're all still feeling the afterglow. can't wait for more pictures and i loved the wedding entry.