Saturday, September 22, 2007


honeymoon photos up on flickr!

the peace, or, if you prefer, verizon signs ben is making here are an imitation of what every japanese kid must do when being photographed. like so many other things about that fascinating island (the cat with the waving arm? what is THAT about?), it's a mystery.



herding tapeworms said...

pictures are amazing and the captions made my sides hurt.

Rebecca said...

awesome photos. love it.

1. where did you get sri lankan food?! i want some. want to go to sri lanka?

2. the cat with the waving arm is beckoning to good luck in business, to enter the establishment. lots of chinese restaurants here have them too.

miss you guys...

ester said...

ha ha, thanks!

we found sri lankan food in the midst of the chaos of downtown tokyo (a meaningless designation since every part of tokyo is downtown except the outskirts). it was pretty good! and the proprietors were very sweet and there were brochures on every table that encouraged people to visit the land from which the curry comes. of COURSE i'd love to go.

sarah rose said...

what about V for VICTORY?!?!?!?

angela said...

Cats with the waving arms: didn't you see Sans Soleil?????

The pictures (and captions) are great.

ester said...

I don't think I've even heard of it -- what's "Sans Soleil"? Ben said the cat means Money, Come Here!, which is essentially good luck in business. All I know is, one older maybe homeless Japanese dude kept trying to tell me something by pointing to one of those cats and then to me. I kept saying, "Wakarimassen," politely ("I don't understand").

Finally Ben showed up, listened to the guy, thanked him, and ushered me away. Turns out he was trying (persistently) to hit on me by saying I was as pretty as the cat. Money, Come Here! should totally be my nickname.

angela said...

Wow, that's quite a come-on. I actually LOLed.

Sans Soleil: it's this interminable/beautiful meta Chris Marker documentary, shot mostly in western Africa and Tokyo. Apparently Max really liked it because of the cats.