Wednesday, February 13, 2008

did i mention ... ?

"Dear Ester,

Our records indicate that you have submitted an application for the 324 Creative Writing - Fiction, M.F.A. for Fall 2008.

Your application is currently being reviewed by your graduate program. Please allow 14-21 business days for a decision.


1. Admissions will notify you of the decision on your application via mail.
2. Continue to check your application status for further updates."

14-21 business days! Yikes. It would be a part-time thing since I am currently quite happy with my secret internet full-time job, but a part-time thing I'd be excited about. The program hosts Michael Cunningham AND Myla Goldberg and it's a really good deal, money-wise. Starting April 1, I will live even closer to it too. Well, we will see. I'm practicing being calm about everything. If it happens, great; if it doesn't, then I'll gear up to finish my second draft on my own, sans guru.

Basically I'm trying to pretend, in a godless universe, that there is a god who will guide my path if I allow it. Anything to help me relax.

Meanwhile, happy distractions abound. Obama's winning more primaries, I just saw Eddie Izzard's new show live in Union Square, and my swatfriends keep rolling in. Two last weekend, including one all the way from Seattle, and another this coming weekend. The one from Seattle and I basically spent the two days holed up in my apartment laughing. Not a bad way to plow through time.


Jamille said...

just celebrating that the application is complete after all that!

TLC said...

Yay! Can't wait to see you again... I'm on my 2-day break between the Caribbean and Europe. Hopefully there will be an acceptance letter to celebrate by the time we meet again! And rest assured that those of us who live in the universe-of-another-kind will be doing what we do in that situation. Hah! :)

ester said...

haha thanks! enjoy europe, tara leigh -- oh! and did you see that your friend Fidel is stepping down?

TLC said...

I know! I almost had a heart attack. I was reading the news online today and I just started yelling, "No way! No way! No way!" I wish I could be in the US to see public response and field opinions.