Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Country Song

I had to agree with George Stephanopolous about the DNC stage: gross. Barack Obama's head appearing in that screen, framed by neon lights, made him look like he was inside a jukebox, some kind of alien warlord informing a fifties diner that he is going to attack.

But that's my only complaint. Ted Kennedy looked even stronger last night than he had the last time I saw him, speaking at my little brother's high school graduation. How can you not go all mushy and sentimental when you hear him he say, "I promise you, I will be on that Senate floor on January 5"? Remember to factor in that you have your period in this scenario, with hormones coming out your eyes. Okay, go.

Michelle, meanwhile, is a goddess, and her brother is adorable. You don't get to see that kind of close sibling relationship too often; the narratives of Father-Son, Mother-Daughter, Parent-Child, or Feuding Siblings take up too much space. And, of course, with this convention, the narrative of the Clintons Hate Obama but Love the Kennedies who Love Obama. It's a country song!

God, I'm tired of thinking and hearing about Clinton and her disgruntled, spiteful supporters. It's like no one ever lost a primary before. "It is a fact that millions of Americans voted for Mrs. Clinton this year," acknowledges the NYT. Well done, factcheckers! Millions of people also voted for Jesse Jackson when he ran, but you didn't see him hosting cry-ins about not making it to the White House.

Silver medal, Hillary! It's not so bad! Other fabulous women have had to settle for silver. Try to do it with some grace.

Meanwhile, in *actual* drama, four people have been arrested for plotting an assassination:
The police said they had found two rifles, one with a scope, in the car, along with walkie-talkies, a bulletproof vest and licenses in the names of other people.
And enough meth to power ten long-haul truck drivers.

Luckily we're being prayed for: the DNC even has an official prayer guy! And Tara Leigh knows him! Because apparently the world of Christians who are willing to chill with Democrats is very, very small.


TLC said...

1) I just hope that the guy who was leading the assassination attempt isn't related to Gordon Gartrell, whom we all know makes very famous and expensive shirts for Theo Huxtable.

2) Yeah, Donald Miller and I are the only ones. I'm trying to keep it quiet though, as I don't want Jesus to revoke my salvation. Hah! Kidding!!!

Emily Douglas said...

Yours is my favorite and the most brilliant roundup of the Convention I've read. Please get hired by a big political site right away!

TLC said...

Feel free not to tell anyone that i was annoyed by the kids.


ester said...

tara leigh, darling, i think you just did! also, after i left dinner, i couldn't remember what we were laughing so hard about, but i guess that's the mark of a good time.

em, thanks!! do you want to come over and watch tomorrow night with logan and me?