Friday, December 11, 2009

Why I Won't Leave the House for a While

(except to go back to the library)

There are so many books out there! So many wonderful, wonderful books, and I can't keep up. I've enjoyed tasty tidbits (The Magicians, The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane) and solemn, Midwestern meditations (A Gate at the Stairs). Meanwhile I've also been playing literary catch-up (House of Mirth, Daniel Deronda).

Even if I were to surface from this literary hot tub, there are also so many movies to see! I enjoyed the hell out of Up in the Air -- it almost restored the magic to air-travel and certainly restored the spark and chemistry to on-screen romance; and best of all it made me laugh. Also, it upended some romantic comedy conventions that look way better on their heads. But that's only one down! I still need to see Mr. Fox and Orson Welles and Precious and A Single Man and A Serious Man. Stop me before I hyperventilate.

Thank god I don't care about rugby. That's a couple hours of my life I can spend, you know, eating, or talking to people, probably about whatever else I've just read or seen.

Maybe this all matters in an outsized way because this is the fun I get out of the Xmas Season. Everyone else is decorating fir trees with strands of joy and peace, or whatever it is the goyim do in December while waiting for the fat man to come down the chimney. Jews go to the movies. So it has been and so it will be.


Bloom said...

Excuse me, but Jews go for Chinese food and then go to the movies on Christmas.

ester said...

Quite right, forgive me. Chinese food naturally plays a role. And, I should mention, my beloved mother often makes duck or pheasant or something traditionally British.

sarah rose said...

Tell me how the AS Byatt is!!!!

I'm going to see Sherlock Homes on X-mas. And the Chinese food too of course.

Claire said...

My family goes to the movies on Christmas... but we're a bunch of heathens anyway.