Thursday, January 07, 2010

and now for something completely different

Help me out, internets! My everyday boots are shredding on the inside, no doubt from my extended bouts with grief, and I need a new pair stat. They must be what I call Good Clomping Boots. Nothing dandy or flimsy, these boots have to take me into Mordor if need be, or into the icebox of North Dakota.

Complicating factors: 1) I like pretty things; 2) My money likes to hibernate year round.

So, what do we think? Buy these now? (Fluevog, on sale for $99)

Or these? (Fluevog, on sale for $99)

Or should I wait for these to be available again (Frye, via Zappos, on sale for $197? These are sort of the ideal.

"Other" is also an acceptable option.


Claire said...

i say wait and get what you really, really, really want. i also say we should have dinner sometime soon. i'll email you about that second part, though.

ester said...

It has definitely been too long! (That's in response to part 2 of your comment, not part 1.)

I feel like there's some Barry Schwartz-ish moral lesson I should be following here -- spend less money on something good or wait and spend more money on something special? I appreciate your vote for the special.

Rebecca said...

You know I really love Fluevogs (I am wearing mine as I type this!) but neither of those pairs look like they really match your style. The first pair looks a little too tough and the second looks like a cowboy. And I just plain don't like the third pair. But that said, maybe your style is different than what I think it is and I'm very impressed you found fluevogs for under a hundred dollars.

Amelia said...

whatever you do, don't actually go to north dakota. at least, not for the next several months. also, boy do i love those red boots. wait for them!

V.E.B. Q.E.D. said...

I also vote for the special. If the shoes are really good, you can do with one pair the work of two just okay pairs. Besides, red is a more versatile color than black or brown.

ester said...

Thanks to all of you (including those of you whose urging took the form of gchats and twitter messages) I just spent too much money on boots and walked away with a big goofy smile on my face. And none of the options pictured here ended up being the winner, either!