Tuesday, November 09, 2004


i can't think of anything i would like better than to discover that karl rove and karen hughes organized a subtle but monumental takeover of our electoral system and stole the election for bush, only to be discovered and disgraced in the aftermath. at the same time, i can't hope for it, even as people continue offering evidence. what i can do? movies.

saved! left me a little disappointed this weekend. sure, it brought the funny, particularly in the first third. but the movie sets up this connundrum -- christ-loving good girl gets pregnant trying to convince her christ-loving, good, and gay-inclined boyfriend to be straight -- that it doesn't do anything with. first it tries to pretend she didn't know she could get preggers from sex simply cuz her skool had no sex ed. bullshit. then it pretends she could be in denial of her condition to such an extent that even when she has supportive friends and, ultimately, family, there's never a conversation about options. okay, no abortion: fine. why is adoption never even discussed?

of course i liked its message. be tolerant! jesus loves freaks & of course we're all freaks, even -- especially -- mandy moore. but i wish in the end it had been more citizen ruth and less full house.

this weekend was my grandfather's unveiling. nothing could match the pathos of the funeral, but it was a uniquely striking experience to see the stone. afterwards the usual suspects regrouped at my house for falafel and politics. i'm better now. maybe everything will get better now.

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