Monday, June 06, 2005

"We represent this guy's voice!"

Soon I will no longer be uttering such sentences. Hopefully my compensation will be my new ability to utter such sentences as "I am a happy, fulfilled person."

The Tonys last night were some kind of ridiculous. My brain wrangled with the idea of Wolverine and a 400-lb. Aretha Franklin singing, without any apparent irony, a sentimental love duet, but my brain couldn't cope and decided to fold in on itself instead. Other aspects of the show were less painful. Not the dresses though. WTF, Broadway? Can't afford stylists? No time to even raid costume shops? There should have been ugly contests -- then everyone could have been a winner!
But largely the ceremony was entertaining, I thought. I enjoyed the musical numbers with the bittersweet knowledge that they're as close as I'll probably get to the shows, as they cost for one ticket more than I spend in a week.

Inexplicably, the MTV movie awards seemed to be hit with a wave of fugly as well. *shudder*

This reminds me that when I was in Seattle, people kept stopping me to admire my boots and ask where I'd gotten them. "New York," I replied, which shut up those stupid nice people pretty quick. In New York, no one ever compliments your boots, unless they're trying to distract you while they steal your library card or put roofies in your drink. Chalk one up for Seattle.

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hey, i'm a university student interested in becoming a CTY RA next year-- can I talk to you about it? email me at, thanks! (i'd email you but i can't find your contact info.)