Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hey! Hey! Over here!

I wish I had a siren. Oh well.

Judy's gone! They shipped her off to Bolivia, just like I recommended. (Maybe to one of those new top-secret Eastern European prisons I'm hearing so much about. [From Republican senators, of course.])
Sulzberger's press release in response is precious. Aw. I do believe he's going to miss his Miss Run Amok, even if she devolved into a self-righteous irresponsible harridan who dug her own grave, shot herself in the foot, and left herself with no friends at all.

Might I now reccommend, as a replacement, the always entertaining and insightful Dahlia Litwick from Slate? Or if the Times doesn't feel the need to plug a woman in a woman-shaped hole (which is so popular nowadays) how about a staff member from The Onion? If they're going to make up news, they may as well be hilarious about it.

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