Thursday, February 23, 2006

hang your head in shame

The terrorists have won because the American press refused to publish the Danish caricatures. Think about THAT over your breakfast cereal. Actually, spit out your breakfast cereal, what's the matter with you, you heartless oaf! The terrorists have won! Go get your sackcloth and ashes out of the closet and clear some room on the floor.

I actually wasn't sure which was more ridiculous, this article or another from the NYT about Sasha Cohen, gold medal hopeful, which began a graph by saying, "Though short in stature," it was quite possible she'd be able to fulfill her dreams. Because we all know Napoleon never accomplished shit.

Frankly, I think Alan Dershowitz and William Bennett are trying to bully me. They're trying to tell me, the same way the Bush admin. does, that if I don't agree with his methods in dealing with the middle east, I'm giving aid and comfort to the enemy. You'll notice he doesn't call out for criticism Karen Hughes who ALSO condemned the cartoons, or Bush himself for being mealymouthed on the issue. No, he goes straight to the liberals and their media for being faint of heart, because WE'RE EASIER TO PUSH AROUND. We feel guilty, we second-guess ourselves.

Alan, Will, on behalf of a press I have nothing to do with, I sincerely apologize. You're right. Discretion, tact, and wisdom had no place in this particular situation. We should have added more fuel to the fire (a fire that killed over 60 people, the last time I checked, and was raging fine without us). Although Alan, I gotta say, no offense, but are you sure you're not lashing out at the libs cuz you're upset your friend Larry decided to step down?


Chuck said...

You're one of the first bloggers I've seen who criticized this article. I just wanted to say that I'm relieved that someone else out there realizes (and is pointing out) what nonsense Dershowitz and Bennett are spreading.

ester said...

Thanks -- and I think your post does a more precise (and less sarcastic) job of actually deconstructing their argument.

Chuck said...

But sarcasm is a lot more fun! No matter what, that was an awful editorial, and I was shocked at how many people took it at face value.