Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"... and reality has a well-known liberal bias"

If you have yet to see this clip, run, don't walk. Stephen Colbert does not speak Truthiness to Power so much as take Power to dinner, order the restaurant's most expensive bottle of wine, and then DUMP Power, LEAVING Power at the table WITH THE CHECK and spitting on power on the way out to pick up Power's hotter younger sister.

Mr. Colbert perserveres in the face of uncomfortable laughter from the audience and palpable tension in the room. You'll notice, after a while, C-SPAN even stops shuttling over to the President for the reaction shots. This is a performance of such bravura fearlessness (some might say, inappropriate fearlessness, in the face of the leader of the free world) it makes me nervous just watching it, but I imagine you have a stronger contstitution than I have. Try a glass of brandy to bolster yourself, just in case, or a like-minded website or two.

I don't know whose idea it was to tempt Mr. Colbert to do his thing in the presence of his favorite targets, but someone buy that idea-boy a hat and put it on my tab.

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kate d. said...

i agree! the video goes on a little long, but everything leading up to that is 100% gold. the tension is indeed uncomfortable--like when bush shakes colbert's hand at the end and darts out the door? i'm glad SOMEONE had the guts to confront bush. now why aren't any politicians?

PS. this event hasn't received much publicity in the mainstream press. it was all over the blogs before the papers even touched it. more evidence of the internet's ascension, i suppose. back in the Old Days, we'd probably have NEVER heard about this.