Tuesday, May 16, 2006

joy upon joy

The Editorial Director of a Washington Agency has read the first three chapters of my novel in progress, and we finally had a chance to discuss them this evening. She gave me valuable and intelligent feedback, lots of things to keep in mind, and most importantly she said: "This is dynamite."

She wouldn't even let me tell her the plot overview because she wanted to read it for herself. Read all of it, in fact, help me edit it, and then help me try to get it published. "Do you have time?" I asked her. "No!" she said. "But this is so much fun!"

Hopefully this will motivate me to get back on a cranking-it-out writing schedule. What with travelling and graduations and accepting everyone's incredibly sweet congratulations (thanks, by the way!) and letting myself get all nervous thinking about Weddings and then subsequently talking myself off the ledge, I've let the creative process move to the back burner lately. Bad ester! Lazy ester!

Well, I'm out of college-age cousins, and having been to Kentucky, Indiana, Boston and back, I think I can be forgiven for staying put for a while; and having been proposed to once, I think I can safely assume it won't happen again (soon). Once I get a job, in fact, I'll have almost nothing left to distract me except passing bluebirds and really cute shoes. Get ready, world! By my birthday, I'd like to have the first draft of this monster finished. You think I can't do it? You just wait.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh! Dynamite! This is all just so exciting to hear about - and that's from afar, so I can't imagine how exciting it would be if I were actually close and could really hear about how things are. . . love you! zsam.

shira said...

hey, that's AWESOME.

also, on the subject of shoes, i got an e-mail from urban outfitters today that had the subject line "shoes will make it better." and they say no one's tapping my phone line!

src said...

YAOWZA! that's awesome. and exciting. and you are so cool. and did you read the swarthmore bulletin? b/c you are SO highlighted in the class notes section. i bet you can do it -- more than two months to go.

src said...

also, does this mean you're in the district?

Anonymous said...

damn you're having a good week. (:

and i second the dc question.


ester said...

it'd be nice to get a job offer to make the trifecta ... but i suppose i shouldn't press my luck.

i'm not in DC; the editrix and i spoke over the phone. but i will be coming down at some point soonish and i will keep you posted. (src, perhaps for your party?)

src said...

yes! par-tay!