Monday, November 13, 2006

the fiancee proposes

After a great, if hectic, weekend, Mr. Ben finds it in himself to get up at 6:00 this gray monday morning and is gone to get more work done by 6:30. I leave for work at the more human time of 8:30 but stop right outside the door to the building. Mr. Ben is there. Why is he there? And why is he carrying those flowers?

At first I'm confused, thinking it's some Day of Importance that I've forgotten. Meanwhile Mr. Ben is grinning that boyish grin. He hands me the armful of blue-purple flowers and before I understand what's going on he gets down on one knee right there in front of our apartment building and pulls a small black box out of his bag.

Instead of going to school this morning, he had gone to Fassbinder's and gotten me a ring.

"Will you marry me?" and "It's a sapphire," he says helpfully because I'm laughing and crying. I don't know what I'm reacting to: the pageantry, the ring, the surprise. He takes the flowers & the ring to bring inside and we finally stop kissing so I can go to the subway. I'm completely happy.


src said...

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

nate said...

Didn't this already happen? I'm confused. Sounds well done nonetheless.

ester said...

ha - yes, confusion understandable. it happened six months ago. but sometimes the second time is the charm (in a way, makes it even more of a surprise!).

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Ester gave Ben the correct answer when he asked her to marry him. Otherwise, my sheckel pot would be empty for naught!

char char said...

by the way that is the sweetest thing i have ever heard....jj got goose bumps...she is a dork...but you are so cute! I love you!
now gimme cake