Wednesday, November 01, 2006

what is, M?

too cool for skool Part of living in New York is going to your friends' concerts. Amazingly you have lots of friends who perform music, and they perform it near-constantly. This is Mr. Ben and me looking fierce at the Knitting Factory, enjoying two opportunities in one evening to indulge a friend's performative tendencies. When you actually miss a concert -- as I just did, recently, to my chagrin -- it's a very sad thing. You get so used to being there, you know? Of course you do.

I missed a friend's concert and book release party because I was at home, in bed, shivering. Much less fun. I blame the wedding. I had just spent a couple whirlwind days in DC learning from the florist that I'm too short to carry certain flowers. Lilacs, luckily, are okay. Incidentally, the extremely gay florist was named David; his partner is named Jonathan. No one else found this funny, because very few people appreciate subtle bible humor.

Over the weekend, we also came within striking distance of picking an invitation, if only we can agree what color celadon is, and we learned that at many rehearsal dinners, the wedding couple (gloried and sanctified be It) will show slides, listen to speeches, eat all night with the guests to a three-piece band, and have a fancy cake. What distinguishes this from the actual wedding party? I'm still trying to figure that out.

Ah well. Meanwhile at least I have the election to wholly consume me. The con, obviously, is the frikkin horrible attack ads wedged into all the available commercial space for America's Next Top Model and 30 Rock; but I'm more or less willing to put up with it for the general distraction. (My concentration pays off: I got an A+ on that test. An A+. No kidding: I am the next Carville. Who, by the way, I could probably also identify.)


s said...

Plus, I find the attack ads actually amusing. You know, what crazy thing will this person think to say next?!

Also, you should check out the phoenix opinion section. Chalking craziness... oh what is Swarthmore coming to when there is this much uproar over chalk...

ester said...

ben and i were coming up with quick spots this morning:

[evil male voice] Bob Menendez eats babies. With dijon mustard. Do you want a babyeater to represent New Jersey? Vote Tom Kean for Senate.

[evil male voice] Ned Lamont has nothing in his brain -- except syphilis. Do you want syphilis? Do your children? Vote Leiberman.

Nate said...

Both the test and the electoral vote links are quite awesome. I am disseminating them widely.

nate said...

Oh my gosh! I got a perfect score. But I really lucked out a couple times. I couldn't remember what chamber Pelosi was in, but I know she's a leader of some sort for the party, so I knew she wasn't just any 'ol Senator. And I didn't recognize Ki-Moon but the Secretary-Designate has been in the news so I figured it was him.
Wait? This wasn't much to be proud of was it?