Wednesday, January 30, 2008


You know what's fun? Apartment hunting.

Actually I enjoy it way more than I should. Mr. Ben and I have already found one place worth paying a broker's fee for. We'll see what bizarre and unaccountable circumstances rise to stand in our way; but if none do, we'll be the proud owners -- well, renters -- of SPACE. Like a galaxy's worth. And a washer-dryer. That's the apartment equivalent of "... A NEW CAR!" (Frankly I'd rather have free convenient laundry than a Pontiac, anyway.)

This picture, by the way, comes straight from Craigslist. It is supposed to be making the apartment in question look attractive.


herding tapeworms said...

my that's a nice corner! good thing you enjoy apartment hunting because you may be in the market for a finder's fee in about 8 months.

Jamille said...

congrats on starting the search - so exciting!

ester said...

thanks, J!

and JJ, 8 months is actually not that long, right? whee! i'm psyched. :)

Emily said...

Where is it where is it?!?!

ester said...

NOT THAT FAR FROM YOU; WE WOULD TOTALLY BE NEIGHBORS but i don't want to jinx it by giving more specifics.