Monday, January 21, 2008


So many races! So many contests! It's all terribly exciting, now that the Democratic political field is almost as scattered as it could be (will John Edwards pick up a state already?) and the Oscars are about to be announced (NYMag puts its predictions on paper here). I hope NYMag is right at least on the Supporting Actress front -- two of my favorite roles of the year are there: Tilda Swinton in Michael Clayton and Cate Blanchett in I'm Not There.

Politics-wise, I've evolved from my original Pro-Drama stance of wanting as much of a contest as possible to a tentative Pro-Obama stance. Hillary is beginning to seem inevitable again; and so many minority groups are spurning Obama cuz it turns out, in a giant shocker, that white people aren't the only ones who are hostile to blacks. (Or is there another explanation?) That depresses me, so into the man's opens arms I run.

This weekend was all about small talk -- family Saturday, more family Sunday. At last discussion of the election adds a dash of friendly controversy to these gatherings. I suppose I could have spiced things up further by asking, "Can someone explain the appeal of Blue Velvet to me, please? I just saw the damn thing and was ten shades of underwhelmed. It reminded me of Belle du Jour, another 'classic' I couldn't watch all the way through. What gives?"

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