Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bring it home, B.O.

Asheville <3's Obama, according to this short graphic series from the NYT, and western North Carolina is less sure of him (one character in the strip shouts from the sidelines, "He's a Muslim!"). This jives with what I saw when I was there: Obama signs all over! Interestingly, where there weren't Obama signs, there weren't McCain signs either, even in the wealthy, white Atlanta areas.

Obama seems to be moving with more purpose these days (cutting off the batshit crazy Jeremiah Wright, for one thing). Hopefully it will be enough. I can't handle this race much longer. I can't lose any more respect for the Clintons or Americans in general; it will be bad for my liver.


angela said...

Did you know I'm gonna be in Asheville for a month this summer? (My sister's in school there and I'm dogsitting while she's away.) We should get together in May, before I leave for the month and Bobby leaves... forever!

ester said...

we should! when do you leave?

i'll bet asheville is a nicer place to actually settle down in for a little while than to visit briefly. you can wander around the mountains and go to the craft festivals that apparently pop up everywhere ...