Tuesday, April 08, 2008

six word memoirs

In the spirit of this project, I've been brainstorming six word memoirs of my time at Swarthmore for work. So far I've come up with:
“dorks everywhere! never been so happy”

“I learned to love my belly”

“School funded film about dancing tampons”

“They say, ‘Wait til college.’ They’re right.”
These are sort of rosy ... maybe I'll write a more cynical series. Ones for my actual life would be even harder. I could write one for Mr. Ben, who is finally getting sworn into the New York bar tomorrow morning: "After 3.5 years, attorney at last."

ETA: More cynical ones:
"Four full years of sensitivity training"

"Blissful navel gazing in ivory tower"


herding tapeworms said...

I was going to say give Ben a congratulatory hug, but then I realized I can do it myself in about 2 weeks! can you give him a pre-hug for me?

ester said...

i will! and we are so excited to give/receive real hugs in a matter of DAYS.