Monday, September 08, 2008


The events of the past couple weeks have been dragging me down bit by bit, especially as we near the end of my favorite season:
I am scanning the horizon for mermaids or bright spots, anything that might cheer me up:

  • The New Yorker Festival. I'm on Year 5 in the city and I've never managed to get to one of these events. Will this be the year?
  • Unigo launches tomorrow, 9/9! This is it, folks, the real deal, the website I've been helping conjure out of the ether for the past eight months: The next medium-sized thing. Tell your friends.
  • "America's Next Top Model"

Honestly, I can't think of other specifics. There has to be something to look forward to! Please, Send Help.

ETA: Gawker mocks my pain and friends email me reassurance. Already I feel somewhat better. Thanks, pals and blogs!


Rebecca said...

I want to go to the new yorker festival too! What events do you want to go to?

ester said...

well, the link suddenly isn't working, but Race and Class in America sounds fascinating (if totally unwieldy). Also Where I Come From w/ alexie, auslander, and diaz. let's do it!

Rebecca said...

great! Also the Salman Rushdie talk on Saturday? I feel like I'm bad for just wanting to go to the big big names, but it's too expensive to try out lots of other talks.

ester said...

also rushdie was just snubbed for the booker but i read his book anyway! maybe we'll be the only ones there!