Monday, September 15, 2008

Please Note

It's unsettling to see one's bra size in the NYT mag prefaced by the words "startlingly large." Especially because I suspect the author has his facts wrong. Seriously, here's me:

And here's Katie Price:

No comparison, right? Right. But why should I expect fact-checking from the NYT? Last week Mo Dowd claimed Hillary went to Wesleyan. (The snobby, media-elitist northeastern liberal arts college Hill attended was, as everyone knows, Wellesley.)

Speaking of secondary sexual characteristics, Mr. Ben and I saw fabulous cabaret/burlesque Saturday night, courtesy of Lazy Rizo and the Assettes. In fact it's the only successful burlesque/cabaret I've ever seen -- it managed to be hilarious and sexy and entertaining all the way through.

In one incredible number, a man who began tap-dancing to "Momma's Little Baby Loves Shortening Bread" in a sailor dress and pigtails transformed, via striptease, into glitter Jesus, backed up by a bouncy version of "Let The Circle Be Unbroken."

Digest that if you can.

The next day, for a change of pace, Mr. Ben headed off to a patriotic photoshoot and the LES Pickle Festival while I hit up the Brooklyn Book Festival with friends. We got to see Richard Price (the Wire, Lush Life), A.M. Homes (the L Word, the Safety of Objects), Simon Rich (SNL, the New Yorker), Russell Banks (Cloudsplitter, Affliction), and Jonathan Franzen (the Corrections, How To Be Alone). FOR FREE. And Franzen flirted with me! Okay, he didn't, but he could have -- we spoke briefly, and he gazed at me with his sad, soulful eyes.

This was definitely an "I <3 NY" kind of weekend.


Rebecca said...

It is also startling to see one's own shirt and lipstick mark used as the picture to show how large your breasts are. Not startling in a bad way though.

Also, I think you can call the 30 second talk with Jonathan Franzen flirting it you want to.

Britta said...

Yeah, her boobs look way bigger. Somehow I don't think she's a 32DD (you are not alone, my sister is too, I think, and she looks more like you and not like Jordan). The article was written by a guy, and it seems like guys have NO clue what bra sizes actually mean, they just hear anything bigger than "C" and thing "gazongas!!!" I've tried explaining to many guys that it's a ratio, so a 32 D and a 40 D are completely different ball parks, but I guess the rational part of the male brain switches off when breasts are mentioned.

ester said...

To be fair, that picture was posted to show how NOT large they are -- at least by comparison.

And Britta, you're totally right (and funny). I guess some minds would be blown to know just how far into the alphabet the bra-sizing world extends.