Friday, February 26, 2010

Water fountain FAIL

Online here:

In a hospital, no less! The very one where my doctor told me again, "Life is not fair," because I confessed to being angry, still, that my father died and then my uncle immediately thereafter.

I *know* life is not fair, you sweet, well-meaning, occasionally ridiculous Russian! One of my best friends just got back from a work trip to eastern Congo, Somalia, and Rwanda, and other places where people SUFFER and DIE -- or, suffer and have to flash back to the horrors they faced for the rest of their lives. I can accept that life isn't fair rationally and still have emotional reactions. Can't I?

"Well," he said, considering. "How long ago now did your father die?"


"Hmm. Well, two months is the standard mourning period ..."

Out of spite, as I left, I took this picture and submitted it to Failblog.

This evening, I finally geared up to go to the gym. On the way there, I stepped in a melted glacier, soaking one foot all the way up to the ankle. When I limped to the finish line, I discovered the Y had been closed since 4:00 PM.

Yup, still angry.

"But not at a person?" he asked.

No, just in general.

"Okay," he said. "So it is not pathological."


I hope the rest of you had a more cheerful snow day.


Anonymous said...

don't believe the doctor. believe the jews. a year.

Britta said...

Maybe the mourning period is inversely proportional to the amount of vodka you drink? Anyways, I believe that you have a lifetime to mourn, or at least feel occasionally angry that life isn't fair.

Also, I've found that the death of a parent, even 16 years after the fact, is something that people will still cut you slack if you burst into tears about.

charrow said...

you cannot "get over" what you have had your whole life. I hate Russian Doctors.

Jessica Gross said...

I think the "life is unfair" trope is just 100% unhelpful. Sometimes you're angry, and sometimes you're sad, and that's valid in and of itself. It's like my dad telling me there's "no point to being nervous." Oh! Really? I guess I won't be then!