Thursday, January 30, 2003

damn and drat it. i woke up early to go meet a fella from my poetry class with whom i share a goal: to write a screenplay as an honors thesis project. this goal has been approved by everyone to whom i sold it except, most recently, the head of the film department who has returned from time off looking fresh and slim and young -- which is to say, she bears no signs of having either (a) just had a baby [which she did] or (b) to care for said infant. rumors abound that the infant's father is none other than the lauded director/screenwriter todd "far from a safe velvet heaven" haynes, with whom she is friends, but that's neither here nor there.
here nor there: as she doesn't know me and has never seen my work, she's doubtful that i can produce a screenplay that's honors worthy. she's worried that there's no one on campus qualified to judge or advise. &c. it is up to me to convince her. this, my friends, is a frightening prospect. on the other hand i don't have to face it alone. this fella emailed me -- he has a similar idea, he met with similar skepticism and wariness on the professor's part. so we met this morning to hash out a plan of action. mostly instead we talked about movies (magical realism!; two towers eh; he also considers adaptation the best film of the year and brilliant beyond that) but it still felt good, like we were creating a united front. always helps to have a compatriot.
-- oh but the bad part: i had to leave the conversation unfinished b/c i had an appointment. except it turned out there'd been a miscommunication (grr). instead i am rescheduled for 9:30 in the (damn and drat it) morning. at least i got up early, tho i am now swiftly happily squandering the day ...

yesterday evening my entire cast assembled for the very first +2 hrs read through. i nearly started hyperventilating. my cast is so cool. SO COOL. i don't just think that cuz i chose them. they're witty and relaxed, they seem to have good chemistry ALREADY, even the freshfolks. they laughed at my jokes, not to mention at the play (if they hadn't i would have called it off right then. what's the point of working w/ actors on a farce if they don't get the humor? but they do, they do, the little darlings). i think i managed to keep a strong, consistent Director thing going too. wouldn't it be awesome if they liked and respected me, and i liked and respected them, and the play ended up being entertaining? i mean ... *dreamy sigh* wow.

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