Monday, January 27, 2003

so, after 10 hours of auditions split over 2 days, during which time i tried to project Competent but Upbeat, Authoritative but not Dictatorial (rebecca summarized this behavior as "punchy"), and sarah my helpmeet ran back and forth from room to phone and led vocal exercises and deliberated with me, we have a Cast. 12 actors. 6 m/ 6 f. a helluva lot of freshfolk, which is fun if you think about it. these are the people who will be steering the theater department in several years, someday possibly the world; i get them Now.

the experience took its toll. as much as i love auditioning, deciding between two people (or 5) who in their own ways could be excellent as a part is exhausting. every possible visible element came into play ultimately: actions during the opening exercises, attitude, time committments, friendliness, a look, a vibe. i want to hug several folks who didn't make it and explain to them how good they are and how hard the choosing can be. but no matter how sincerely that's meant, it can feel condescending and hard to believe. i figger i'll just stay back and talk to people if they approach me.
scripts arrived today! read-through #1 tomorrow! oh it's all so exciting. i'm even managing to get work done despite/around this craziness. well, a little.

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