Tuesday, January 21, 2003

not to be a rabble rouser, but i just came across this article from academia.org and thought it was hilarious. this ufo sighting may or may not be funnier, especially when you take into account that a "bra fence" exists at all {via malpractice}

this has been the strangest week. one class i may not be able to get into but i'm hoping; one class too full i bowed out of; one class canceled. that leaves me sitting on my hands at 2 in the afternoon. not entirely of course. with a play in the works, there's always something to do. 6 people have already signed up to audition (this weekend, the 25th and 26th, 1 - 4 in kohlberg 116) and we haven't even put up posters! actually i should probably go do that. or -- does anyone want to watch a movie?
no, shit, i know what i have to do. i have to pick an introductory poem to bring to my workshop to read out loud tomorrow. that's a real challenge.

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