Friday, April 04, 2003

forsook sleep last night for a league of their own -- admittedly a strange decision. it did remind me that i'm right about something i say a lot: tom hanks is way past his golden age. the man is a comedian; he should play unlikeable funny-looking smartasses, like other comedians do. he's good at it and it's good for him.
it's been a strange few days, and with sager, the cross-dressing gender-bending transgressive carnivale, coming up on saturday, it doesn't seem as though things will cool down for a while. leading up to sager, different groups on campus sponsor presentations and talks on sexuality. these end up being mind-bogglingly specific, to the point where one wonders who actually goes. last night's was B4T, a transgendered caribbean-american, imani henry's, performance art piece. and it was really good. afterwards, eliz and i talked gender for hours.

there is of course no limit to how long you can talk gender. it's a fascinating subject and i think, outside of academia, one that's largely unexplored. if we take for granted that gender is a construction, doesn't switching from one to the other reinforce the binary? why not expand, or blur, the definitions of "male" or "female"? or why not work towards the creation of a third category, like genderqueer? we thought one possible answer for that last is that gender is tied up with notions of attractiveness. to pull back from both Male and Female and to declare yourself genderqueer is to potentially limit the number of people who could want to sleep with you.

sex does not = gender. but eventually everything comes back to sex.

i haven't taken a class on the subject, largely because such classes are theory heavy. are theory, even, and theory makes me gag. there aren't [m]any trans people at swat so the organized discussions here are abstract and frustratingly unproductive. it's important to make the campus a trans-friendly space, but only god can make things ex nihilo. maybe not even god.

now to read more about television for my seminar paper. unfortunately, so far, that has been only a quarter as interesting as i expected.

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