Sunday, April 20, 2003

happy easter! as we all know, jesus was way cool ...

back at swarthmore, life is calm. everyone lounges about in the sunlight. doing work, of course, but still lounging. it's fun being a bunny in springtime watching the other bunnies, especially when i have relatively little work to do myself. i may have an ear infection; otherwise, my cold is receding, leaving me hale and hearty. i find everything cute, and i'm eating much too much passover chocolate. possibly those things are related and the candy's releasing a steady stream of seritonin. what a nice thought.

the other night i got to spend time with kross. we visited with various seniors whose inevitable taking leave of us in a month or so i refuse to think about. we parted only to reconvene at 25th hour. it made me think. like most of the spike lee movies i've seen, it needs a good editor: easily 20 minutes could be trimmed off. that was, however, one of the only things that reminded me it was a spike lee joint. the mirror rant and the setting in nyc -- right. but where were the overt racial politics? what statement was he making about the white -- or, in some subtle way i couldn't really understand, the black -- community?
ed norton and philip seymour hoffman delivered. just a day's work for them. poor ed: in how many movies does he have to play a violent, self-destructive outlaw? poor cousin phil: in how many more movies does he have to play a sexually frustrated loser? but this is what we love them for. nobody does it better.

also saw possibly the best swarthmore theater-department-theater production yet, roger babb's take on brecht's man = man. at points, it felt professional. at points, i thought, what am i doing pretending to direct? i don't have this kind of vision. sure, he's been doing it for ages, it's his job. but it reinforced my decision not to do a show next semester. i'll leave that to people who share his passion and who are testing out their own abilities and visions.
i'll concentrate on films. and snood!

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