Thursday, July 24, 2003

en avant garde!

the brita filter in our apartment has gone missing, or else i'm too lazy to retrieve it from where it probably is, so i keep ignoring the vast, abyss-like feeling of my mouth when i wake up. better still, i feed it diet coke.

today my lovely friend jamie trips up to the city, and tomorrow together the two of us + lana trip up to falconridge, a folk festival to which i've gone twice. THIS YEAR, i will actually know several people who are going too, and not just have to hit up 40 year old divorcee strangers and punk teenage boys for company.

in short, falconridge will be full of swatties, much like the play becca took me to on tuesday. she's now working for the pig iron theater company and she introduced me around to the numerous eager swattie-grads who formed and run the troupe. no words! for 70 minutes! just a lot of theory-based clowning around that succeeded in being amusing and engaging to watch.

it felt very much like the swat theater i'm used to. also it's nice to encounter mobs of swatties -- they seem to move in mobs, don't they? or at least in couples -- in the outside world. there should be a better descriptive noun for that: swarths of swatties? stings of swatties? watts of swatties? hum.

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