Thursday, July 03, 2003

one of the pt jobs i applied for yesterday through craig's list required knowledge of editorial columnists. personal knowledge? it was unclear. i wish i could say i'd like to date, or even get to know better, anyone whose opinions have appeared in essay-form in either of my newspapers. sadly, to me, most op-eds run the gamut from smug to idiotic.

that aside, this one suggests that america privatize marriage. or abolish it, or what you will.
i feel like people have been talking marriage with greater frequency and volume recently. canada started that. graduations, parental separations, and living arrangements have contributed. and now the s.court has fed the flames.
once my grand idea was that marriage should last 7 years. if, after 7 years, you want to continue being married to the individual to whom you're married, you & your partner renew your licenses. if not, you divide financies, work out custody deals, and go on your merry way.

isn't the idea of "for the next 7 years" simultaneously less frightening than "til death do you part" AND more concrete and therefore something you could potentially picture and evaluate?

50% of all divorces occur at the 7 year mark anyway. i know, because i'm a college student and i took a soc. class once.

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