Tuesday, October 05, 2004

monday-morning quarterback

i don't mean to imply that i could have taken dick cheney in that debate. far be it from me to dispute the wisdom of the dnc and the kerry campaign in picking edwards to tackle dick instead of lil ol me ... in fact, i have six whole years less experience in politics than edwards and a whole lot fewer folksy american dream stories to draw from. i do like to think, though, that in edwards' position i would have been angrier, pointier, and more personal in my attacks in response to cheney's attacks.

because come on! this is the man who told leahy to go fuck himself. how's that for an answer why cheney unfortunately failed to make friends across the aisle: he was too busy flicking them off with one hand while manually pleasuring the religious right with the other.

when cheney waxed poetical about little girls voting in afganistan, i would said, that's cuddly and all, but how many little girls have died in civilian casualties in iraq? when cheney admitted he didn't know anything about AIDS statistics for black women in america, i would have said, "buddy, we could fill a metaphorical fridge with the things you don't know, & that detail there would be the relatively innocuous iceberg lettuce in the veggie crisper."

i WOULD have gotten in the dig about cheney's gay daughter and how great it is that he's great about it, because that was priceless.

(rudepundit does this better than i do.)

edwards was all right. he was fine. his final statement, particularly. who knows, anyway? kerry was great and people seemed to shrug it off, nation-wide, and say, We'd still rather have the jackass we know than the windsurfer/flip-flopper that TV tells us we can't trust. oh well. we'll get the president we deserve and i for one am not moving to canada.

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