Friday, April 01, 2005


more blog troubles. what the hell? i've now reconstructed the site for the second time, but i'm scared the problem will continue: the code simply vanishes from the template. a few lines consistently remain at the top.

in perhaps related news, i'm antsy, unfocused, and dull today. too much lately about assisted suicide and death in general, what with the shitstorm over million dollar baby, terry schiavo, and now the pope. ("dead or not dead? keep reading to find out!") ugh. why won't the clouds break and let spring out?

on the bright side, i scored free tickets to the weep-fest steel magnolias on broadway saturday evening. sweet, sweet catharsis.


amelia said...

steel magnolias! oh the nostalgia! i played truvy in high school. enjoy, enjoy the melodrama.

ester said...

wait - who's truvy? i just saw the damn thing ...