Tuesday, April 26, 2005


... and here's my letter, on salon.com. this outrage business is super fun. i wish i could get paid for it.

also, i won both rounds of pinochle today against the aging bohemians. i got better once i began taking more risks and playing with more confidence. there's a lesson in there somewhere but god knows what it could be.

happy passover, everybody. here's to eggs and cheese!


yanni said...

three cheers, lovingly dispensed!

Nate said...

Ha! De-lurking to tell you that I once e-mailed Ayelet Waldman under the pretense of alerting her to an error on her husband's site, (Mr. Chabon had no contact info) but really I just had to say SOMETHING about the whole Amanda Davis thing. She was sweet enough to write me back. Me! I was so proud. Had no idea she was writing for Salon.

(To answer what you're wondering: I read a few NY blogs a couple times a week. It's a deep longing. Better than travel magazines.)

amelia said...

well done! i miss politics; somehow political science makes politics impossible.