Tuesday, April 04, 2006

April Fools week?

Faced with the prospect of a Hamas-led Palestinian authority, Israel elects a center-LEFT government;

AND, Tom DeLay decides to retire rather than risk running again and losing;

AND, Josh and Donna finally get it on? It's enough to make a sane person look for flying bananas, and other signs that the universe is ripping in two.

When I finally stumbled home from my horrendous red-eye flight Sunday morning, I moaned to still sleeping Mr. Ben, "I'm done with the Southwest! I want nothing more to do with the Southwest! Did you hear me? Finished! Finito! -- What are those ingredients for on the table?"
And he replied, "Refried beans."

Now that I've made double portions of refried beans, accomplished in true frontierswoman style by mashing the beans by hand with a heavy wooden spoon, NOW I'm officially done with the Southwest. Except the eating of it.


Anonymous said...

you and your book are highlighed in the class notes section of the latest alumni mag. you're famous! (;
- sorelle

ester said...

wow, a pullquote and everything!! man. of course, louisa then has to go and upstage me with her "finally converting to judaism."