Monday, April 10, 2006


Someone's playing with me. All of a sudden, I can't FIND anything. It should not be difficult, in the first place. I live in a studio!

My Season 3 of Sopranos is off partying somewhere in this 450 sqft square with my digital camera and my copy of the Eustace Diamonds. They may be having fun but I am not amused.

At least I am feeling better. No more entire days spent watching TLC, half-wishing I were a DIY kind of girl. (Or any kind of girl at all, really ...) Getting out this weekend was fabulous: I spent all of sunny Sunday afternoon playing the-most-intense-Scrabble-ever on a Scrabble-obsessed friend's gorgeous roofdeck. That's a link to a list of 2 letter words, by the way, which you should have (and she has) memorized, except it's missing the most recent additions, which include FE and ZA. I'm not kidding. I lost to her by 2 points, my first Scrabble loss in, um, a long time, but I learned a lot and considering that she's the fiercest competitor I've ever played, I could handle the disappointment.

I also veggie brunched; contributed to the best homemade pad thai I've ever had; and bought and read the totally enjoyable Ruth Reichl memoir, Garlic and Sapphires. A tiny bit more exciting than Trollope. Don't tell my father!

And THEN, I got my hair cut, and I mean cut, by my favorite New York City bizarro hairdresser: a straight, socially awkward fellow who does nothing except crop women's hair short 7 days a week in the Lower East Side. Like so many geniuses, he's not comfortable *talking* about his craft; asking questions while he works doesn't get you anywhere. You have to sit back in his presence and trust that, while nothing about him inspires confidence, his results will.

I'm going to upload a picture, too. As soon as I find my damn camera! Come home, little camera -- nothing is forgiven.


sarah said...

i love that book. it was full of such good gossip! like, i really hate amanda hesser, so it was cool to get confirmation from ruth reichl that, yes, she was a scary ho.

i got my book autographed, too. i meant to tell ruth reichl that jonah and i use danny kaye's lemon pasta recipe all the time, but i was too nervous.

ester said...

i'm so glad you liked it. :-) but who's amanda hesser?