Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Apparently today's the day that the apocalypse is supposed to start. Sixth day of the sixth month in the six year of the new millenium.

Yesterday I was tense from 5:30 AM (when I woke up) until I went to sleep, so tense that today my shoulder muscles are SORE -- and I was just waiting to hear about a job. I wish I'd realized we were waiting for the Beast today; I could have consolidated. Maybe both will happen! Maybe I'll get the job offer, and then the world will end. As long as it's not vice versa.

I'll be pretty upset if it turns out I spent my last full day on earth with my shoulders hunched up next to my ears, staring at my cell phone, knowing that a strong wind would be enough to start me crying. Could have been worse, I guess? (How could it have been worse?)


Andrew Ironwood said...

Silly, *everyone* knows the Apocalypse is set for December 21st, 2012 A.D....

sarah said...

it could be worse if you were at the NIH with one month left to go and you found out you beheaded all those mice for no reason.