Thursday, June 15, 2006

luckily flourescent lighting is a good look for me

I feel like Goldilocks. The first office was too big, the second office was too small ... the third office? Comes with SNACKS. Free snacks, in the kitchen! And I have my own desk! Fo shizzle. There's my name on it and everything. And when I answer the phone, I can say ANYTHING I WANT. Granted, I haven't really tested that, but for the first time in my employment history, no one has given me direction.

It's kind of astounding. I've never been treated this well. They took me out to lunch my first day, and get this. No one has yelled at me yet. I know! Crazy! I can't explain it. I'm just doing my best not to fuck it up.


Andrew Ironwood said...

And when I answer the phone, I can say ANYTHING I WANT.

Cripes, I'm in my mid-40's and *still* waiting for that to happen in *my* employment history (although I really wouldn't recommend going too far in testing that one out [of course, of course...])

Anonymous said...

yay!! it's only fair... i'm glad it's working out. (:


sarah said...

yes. life is sweet. enjoy the first-day-out-of-prison vibe. i sure do!