Wednesday, June 07, 2006

anyung! gobias!

There should be a word that captures the feeling of laughing while feeling guilty about it, laughing even when you KNOW it's kind of wrong. There probably is a word, actually, in German. The Germans have all the good words.

That magical German word would capture exactly how it feels to watch Arrested Development, which I'm doing now, courtesy of Netflix, by the DVD-full. Part of it is in celebration of new status!: ALMOST EMPLOYED. Yes, you read that right. If all goes well, I start my new job on Monday!

For the record, I received that job offer on 6/6/06. I wonder if that means this new job is cursed, or somehow related to the Beast slouching towards Bethlehem to be born. ... Well, as long as it comes with health insurance, who can complain?


src said...

didya take it? did they counteroffer?

sarah said...

tell us more! tell us more!

i'm glad SOMETHING happened on the number of the beast. i wanted someone to burst spontaneously into flames, or something, but no such luck.

Adam said...

,sich ins Fäustchen lachen' is about how I'd express what you mean. Though that's no better than the English - still too many words. To make a compound word, though, we have a few choices, none of them quite right:

Schadenlachen - A laugh from malice
Schamgef√ľhlslache - A laugh from a sense of shame
Schamlachen - a laugh of shame (??)
Lachenschande - a laughing shame (that's my favorite)

I'll keep thinking and then get back to you.

Congrats on the job!! Can you e-mail me an tell me what it is? I'll e-mail you first.

Adamchen (diminutive for Adam)