Friday, October 03, 2008

because i never blog about fashion

These days, Emma Watson looks much less like a kid and much more like the Dutch au pairs who lived with us when I was little.

(via Go Fug Yourself)

Look, I did it! I made it through an entire blog post without mentioning Our Sarah! ... Oh. Shit.

Speaking of Our Sarah, one of my coworkers approached me this afternoon and said, "You're going to hate me but I actually watched the debates and I liked her! She seemed really great!" In an UNRELATED INCIDENT, another coworker approached me ten minutes later and, when I asked what his girlfriend did, said, "You're going to hate me: She's a model."

"I can't believe everyone thinks I'm a hater!" I said to a third coworker shortly thereafter.

"You do hate a lot," she answered kindly.

Yikes! When did I get this alarming reputation? Let's clear this up. Here is a FULL LIST of the things I hate:

  • One-word footwear (Uggs, Crocs)
  • Dippy, sentimental movies that are a waste of talent and often have offensive subtexts (Love, Actually, Serendipity, 200 Cigarettes)
  • Dictators, except wacky ones straight out of Douglas Adams who force all citizens to read their poetry
  • Mmm injustice? Unfairness? Stuff like that.
And that's it! Seriously! Now am I a My Little Pony or am I not?


TLC said...

OH MY GOSH, this post makes me miss you in a thousand different ways. I have got to find a way to take you on tour with me, but that might be awkward, what with all the "I love Jesus"s that I toss around and with you having a husband and all. Dammit.

So, the top four things I want to mention are:

1. You're not a hater. You're totally Rainbow Brite though, not My Little Pony.

2. SO happy to see that one-word footwear made it into the blog!!

3. Also: fashion! I did a little dance in my head for that one!

4. You SO hate one other thing. And it rhymes with Pews for Jesus. Busted!

Ugh. Now I just want to call you and talk to you, but it's 3:00 a.m. there, and I think that would be considered bad manners.

herding tapeworms said...

oh boy. if they think you're a hater, what will they think about charrow and me?? you're so not a hater.

ester said...

JJ, don't worry! they will see you, i have no doubt, like the good-hearted, cheerful Dorothy Gale that you are. :)

TLC, that post was totally for you! of course you're right, and i miss you too, dammit. will you come back from texas already please?

Britta said...

uggs? crocs? why do you hate Australians? ;)

ester said...

oops! i didn't mean to hate on the land down under. both of those shoes snuck over here from there? really? is this australia's punishment for the guy who snuck the frog over there and destroyed the ecosystem?