Monday, October 06, 2008


While reading this Rachel Sklar liveblog of the Colbert New Yorker festival event, I followed her instructions and decided to see if, since Colbert and Stewart just decided to expand their shows through the election, there were any tickets. And this is what happened!
We have reserved 1 tickets for you to attend a live taping of The Colbert Report on 10/14/2008. In a short time you will receive an E-Mail at [redacted] containing information on the next steps required to confirm your attendance. YOU HAVE 48 HOURS TO CLICK ON THE LINK THAT WAS SENT TO YOU IN THE E-MAIL TO CONFIRM YOUR RESERVATION. If you do not confirm your reservation within 48 hours your tickets will be released.
I tried to get tickets for all of you too I swear but there was only one (1) left. Yes, I am one very lucky Rainbow Brite.

Mr. Ben and I hit up two New Yorker festival events this weekend too and they were awesome. And then, cuz we were all dressed up, we dropped in on Equus on Broadway, starring Captain Janeway, Uncle Vernon, and a naked Harry Potter. What a weekend.


TLC said...

Haha! Rainbow Brite! Yes!! Also, congrats on your one ticket. Sad we can't all go with you. At least, those of us who don't have "real" jobs and who are free during the day. But I get to see you soon, I hope! Can you do Tuesday?

Emily Douglas said...

OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU! You are so lucky! Watch your back, someone might try something to get that ticket.

And congratulations on making it to the New Yorker festival. It was on your blog, right, that you said this might be the year? Was it nice? Is it intimidating as I fear?

ester said...

thanks! after a day of glowing over it, i realized i never got my confirmation email, or else it got deleted as spam. either way, i may not be able to go, unless the colbert webmaster can help me. DRAMA.

the new yorker festival was totally fun and not at all stressful, just like the brooklyn book fest. next year! put it on your calendar.