Friday, October 10, 2008

Day in the Office

Our managing editor heads out the door for a weekend in Boston.

Coworker #1: [sings softly] Don't go to Boston ...

The rest of us: [stare at him]

Coworker #1: Joni Mitchell, bitch!

The rest of us
: [keep staring, start laughing]

Coworker #1: Oh. Heh. It's "Please come to Boston."

Me: Um, the internets are saying it's Dave Loggins: "ARTIST: Dave Loggins; TITLE: Please Come to Boston. Please come to Boston for the springtime ..."

Coworker #1: Right! And then she goes, "I'm stayin' here with some friends ..."

Me: If by "she" you mean Dave Loggins.


Andrew Ironwood said...

I suppose it's possible someone might've only ever heard the Joan Baez cover version off her Greatest Hits album and *thought* it wuz Joni (but then, I'm a charitable kinda guy thataway [grin]...)

ester said...

that makes sense. you are right and more generous than i am. :)