Sunday, June 16, 2002

camp starts tomorrow. the girlz all are doing jigs in nervousness whereas i'm relatively calm. that is quite possibly because i haven't processed that it's happening yet, that at 8:15 in the brightearly morning, 14 shiny happy faces will be looking up at us, trusting us, slipping their soft paws in ours, opening their hearts for the love we have promised them to share. there is a large naked woman named petunia hanging on the wall outside my room, and a blow-up crossection of her reproductive organs on my door. this should serve as reminder enough -- yet the whole thing just doesn't seem real yet.

but we putter along, meeting after meeting, going over curricula, drilling each other on the transmission of HIV, flipping through are you there god? it's me, margaret and reminiscing about the part judy blume played in our childhoods, debating the importance of bringing up masterbation v. letting the girls ask, alternatingly laughing and worrying. sorelle and i spent the bulk of yesterday on a marathon shopping trip. one man in a video store claimed that a league of their own was out of print. the highlight came in a bathroom when sorelle outsmarted the tampon dispenser. after she handed over the demanded $.50 and then it refused to dislodge the item in question, she gave the thing a Look, took off her watch, stuck her arm in virtually up to the elbow, and pulled one free herself. my hero.
later, in the parking lot of BJ's, we found a copy of toni morrisson's sula, which we hadn't purchased. after shrugging at each other, we decided someone simply wanted us to read this book -- and as it's one of the two of hers i haven't read yet, i'm only too pleased to oblige.

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