Saturday, June 15, 2002

i -- incredible to say; i hesitate; do i dare plunge? aye, i must, regardless of whether i must retract with all swiftness in the near future -- am better. not best; far from it. i wouldn't skip right out now and dive headfirst into a Willy Wonka type river of chocolate, swallowing as i swim. the thought (and not merely what it would do to my hair) still frightens me. butbutbut i have more energy this morning than i've had for many mornings, and i fed myself a nutri-grain bar with no ill effects. at least none so far.
as it turned out, sarah c.'s notion of combining the powdered-pill with my customary green liquid and downing the two together was the most acceptable. i'm on my third day of treatment and the antibiotics seem to be helping fight the good fight against henry james.

perhaps being at swat helps, being drawn back into co|motion activity, planning, marathon meetings, nervousness, excitement, suspense. the girls arrive monday morning and it's nothing but preparation and sweat til then. perhaps being near ben. i have so many incentives to get better; every moment feeling sluggish and lethargic feels wasted. i'm nearly done with the french lieutenant's woman, the movie version of which i saw in dk. last nite i was honored by the hilarious company of eliz'n'stef. and this morning i learned that the "co-ed" sign on our bathroom is not merely for show. the fun never ends.

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