Tuesday, June 24, 2003

since finishing hpV, i've been too emotional to do much except comb the net for all the reviews i didn't let myself read before. though i appreciated the nytimes' glowing review (and it forced me to realize SATC didn't make up the name of their foremost critic), the one i identified most with is salon's. but i'm desperate to know what other people think. none of my fellow counselors have read the book. i need to talk about it with somebody.

in short, i gobbled it up so quickly and so ravenously it's hard to even gauge how much i liked it. my instinct is that i liked it a lot. obviously it's not as enjoyable as the 3rd one, my favorite. it's not easy reading. but i am very intense about this book at this moment. in fact, since i started reading it, i feel as if the book's moodiness and passion, both, have been seeping into me. i got irritated when interrupted, defensive when people were derisive, and generally i was on edge. i still am.
... it's something, all right.

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