Wednesday, June 18, 2003


this time i'm spending in swarthmore prepping for co|motion isn't salaried, but como does pick up the tab for more or less everything, which i appreciate.

more includes the bagels we went out for early this morning after a 7 a.m. firedrill rushed us out of our firetrap of a building to wait in flip flops, squinting through the rain, as ever increasing numbers of golf carts, public safety vans, police cars, and finally firetrucks blocked our view and authority figures sought what filled the basement -- and, somehow, third floor by extention -- with smoke. the answer: toast. somebody in the basement not only BURNED TOAST, but then (panicked and?) HID THE TOASTER.

as my parents are fond of saying, And these are the smart ones?

the authority figures lectured us on smoke inhalation and personal responsibility. the person who hid the toaster was probably already in tijuana by then. i was irked cuz last night i was supposed to catch up on sleep. my b.lovd had been visiting. he's so used to being around como that our discussions no longer phase him. he came to nifty fifties with us when we went to gorge ourselves with milkshakes and talk body image, and he read franzen, not perking up once despite the repeated use of the word "boob."

as of yesterday he&i have been we for 2 and 1/3 years. that's rather a long time. quite likely that's what caused addie to take me by surprise by asking, Are you getting married? no, i said; or at least not til i'm 30. good, she said. otherwise i'd come to your wedding and cry.
veronica, when related this conversation, said, i don't think of you has the kind of person to get married. you're cynical.
later they amended that to mean Free-spirited. i'd never realized those two words are interchangeable.

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